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Clinical Pharmacy Services

Through a partnership with The Howard University College of Pharmacy, a doctor of pharmacy works on-site with the healthcare team to provide medication information and counseling to patients and can aid in applying for medication assistance from pharmaceutical companies for those patients who qualify. The pharmacist also monitors possible drug interactions with medications you receive either all from one doctor or if you see different doctors for certain illnesses and is available to answer questions you may have regarding either prescription or over the counter medication. You can make an appointment to see the pharmacist to review what your medications are for, how you should take them, possible side effects, and review conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, HIV, and other conditions. You can also receive help organizing your sugar logs (diabetes patients) and blood pressure logs (high blood pressure patients) if your medications may need some adjustments. The clinic also provides a pill box courtesy service for those who qualify if you feel you need help organizing your medication.