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With the new Affordable Care Act insurance coverage is available to more D.C. residents, and Andromeda is here to help individuals enroll!


As many of you are aware the Affordable Care Act was passed and everyone is required to have Health Insurance starting January 1, 2014. 


 Open Enrollment begins October 1, 2013 until March 31, 2014 which can be done by phone, by mail, in person or online. 

                  Call now to have one of our Assisters help you:  202 291 4707 (English-Spanish)


 DC Health link allows DC residents without health insurance to compare and enroll in private health insurance plans, apply for subsidies to help pay the premiums for a private plan or other out-of-the-pocket costs and apply for Medicaid.


To apply through the DC Health Link one must be a DC resident and verification will be made through the database.  You may need to bring your W-2 or other tax information.